Rocky Run Family Medicine


Why am I being billed for a "copay" for a nurse visit?

Many insurances now require a “copay” for nurse visits. Given the inconsistency between insurances, Rocky Run does not collect this copay amount up front. If you received a bill for a copay for a nurse visit, it is based on your insurance company’s processing of your claim.

What other languages are spoken other than English?

Language translation services for Spanish and Korean are available to patients. If you have limited English proficiency, please ask the front office staff for an interpreter during check-in.

Why is a copay collected during my wellness appointment?

Wellness appointments are covered 100% once a year by your insurance. Any conditions that are discussed during the wellness appointment that are out of the scope pf the wellness exam, can and will be assessed an office visit fee. This office visit component to your claim is subject to your benefits and will be applied as such by your insurance.

What happens if I can not make my appointment?

At Rocky Run Family Medicine, we take pleasure in offering individualized care and reserve your appointment times to take care of our patients. Late arrivals, missed appointments, or late cancelled appointments create a gap in our schedule that could have been used to give care to another patient. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, a fee will be charged based upon the type of visit.