Rocky Run Family Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Language translation services for Spanish and Korean are available to patients by our staff. If you have limited English proficiency, please ask the front office staff for an interpreter during check-in.

Preventive wellness appointments are covered 100% by (almost all) insurances. Discussing chronic conditions, managing medication, or addressing medical concerns that arise during the visit are considered “evaluation and maintenance” and are coded as such, in addition to the wellness components. As these are technically out of scope for the wellness code, an appropriate office visit code is added which can incur a copay or co-insurance, consistent with your plan. As a majority of adult wellness visits include such an E&M component, a copay is collected. If the provider determines that the visit stayed within the framework of the preventive wellness, the copay will be refunded at check-out. In rare cases, the insurance company may later determine that an additional code is required, and the appropriate copay will then be billed.

Copays are contractually to be collected at the time of visit. If a copays is not made at the time of visit, and we need to bill or process at a later date, the patient is subject to an administrative fee.

At Rocky Run Family Medicine, we take pleasure in offering individualized care and reserve your appointment times to take care of our patients. Late arrivals, missed appointments, or late cancelled appointments create a gap in our schedule that could have been used to give care to another patient. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, a fee will be charged based upon the type of visit.

We are open all weekdays except for New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If any of those fall on a Saturday we will close the prior Friday. If any fall on a Sunday we will close the Monday after.

The office is closed on weekends. However, whenever the office is closed we have a provider on call to handle urgent, but non-emergency requests. Please call 703-266-2442 and follow the menu prompts.

Many insurances now require a “copay” for nurse visits. Given the inconsistency between insurances, Rocky Run does not collect this copay amount up front. If you received a bill for a copay for a nurse visit, it is based on your insurance company’s processing of your claim.

All labs that are done “in-house” become available to you on your patient portal ( once reviewed and shared. They are best viewed on a computer browser, although the app is supported on smart phones. Additionally, documents which have been scanned into your account within our EHR system can be shared with you via the portal, upon request for the specific document. Both the labs and shared documents are available in .pdf format so they can be read online, saved, printed, or attached to other apps, such as e-mail. It is Rocky Run’s practice not to print labs or documents.